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Conductor Testing Insulation & Sheath Testing Electrical Testing
Conductor Purity Thickness of Thermoplastic & Elastomeric Insulation & Sheath High Voltage Test
Annealing & Tensile Test Tensile Strength & Elongation of Thermoplastic & Elastomeric Insulation Resistance
Wrapping Test Ageing in Air Oven Conductor Resistance
Persulphate Test Shrinkage Test Mutual Capicitance & Capacitance unbalanced Test
Hot DeformationTest L/R Ratio Test

Loss of Mass in Air Oven Drain Wire Resistance
Heat Shock Test Characteristic Impedance
Thermal Stability Image Attenuation Test
Armouring Testing Volume Resistivity Test Cross Talk Test
Dimension of  Armouring Material Cold Bend Test Inductance Test
Tensile Strenth & Elongation Cold Impact Test Electromotive Force Deviation in Temprature Test
Resistivity & ConductanceTest Hot Set Test
Torsion Test [ For Wire ] Water Absorption [ Gravimetric] Test FLAMMABILITY / FRLS TEST
Winding Test [ For Strip ] Melt Flow Index Flamability Test
[As Per IEC 332-1/1979]
Mass of Zinc Coating Oil Resistance Test Oxygen Index
[As Per ASTM D 2843/1977]
Uniformity of Zinc Coating
Temperature Index
[As Per ASTM D 2863/1977]

Smoke Density Rating
[As Per ASTM D 2843/1977]
Halogen Acid Gas Evolution
[As Per IEC 754-1/1982]