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Thrmocouple Cables

These Cables will be used to carry the milli volts Generated at hot junction of temperature sensing instruments like, Thermocouples installed on equipments to the temperature measuring Instruments / Temperature Controllers installed on control panel.
Thermocouples are used in process to Sense temperature and are connected to the parameters for indication and control. The thermocouple and pyrometers are electrically connected by thermocouple extension/compensating cables. The conductors used for these cables are required to have similar thermoelectric (emf) properties as that of thermocouple used for sensing the temperature.

1.29/0.81/0.71/0.30 mm homogenous wire materials.
PVC insulated cores twisted to form pairs.
Individual pairs/ overall shielded with aluminum Mylar tape with drain wire.
PVC sheathed.
G.I. Wire armoured
Overall PVC sheathed of type Kx, Tx, Sx,Kx(A), Wx.

As  per IS,BS,ANSI,DIN,JIS or customer specified requirements.